Friday, February 22, 2008

Day off for shopping

We had a day off on Friday 22-FEB-2008. We went around the town to check out the Zoo and Museums. The Zoo was closed due to an early afternoon rain. We walked around to visit nearby art museum and Eva Peron museum.

Eva Peron - the first woman president of Argentina, has an impressive track record as an artist, actress, socialist and a little of a politician. We spent about an hour or so to go around the museum.

At night we went to this dance club called Crobar. Even though smaller in size compared to the club Museum, it was packed with more friendlier folk and presented us with 80's music. We got back to the hotel at around midnight (I was told to be realistic about the time we got back to the hotel - it was infact 4:30AM ;)) to get a good night sleep before the game tomorrow.

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stanikela said...

Congratulations on your win ! have a great time - you just missed a season's biggest snow storm here in the northern hemisphere though