Wednesday, February 20, 2008

First game @ St. Georges

We got ready after a good breakfast to hop on the bus that took us to St. Georges College. After about 30 minutes ride we reached the ground - the ground is just as perfect as the weather to play a good game of cricket. Match was cut short to 40 overs a side, due to delay in the start of the game.

St. Georges team had a pack of young cricketers while Mad Dogs CC has fairly balanced team with an average age of 45.

Mad Dogs CC won the toss and elected to bat first. I went in to bat at #3 - supposedly aka "Sun tan position" (in Brit English). I made 15 (2x4s) in 25 balls got out to a straight forward catch at mid-off. Mad Dogs went on to make 199/7 in 40 overs.

St. Georges team was lead by a Dutch (national team) cricketer - Axela Buurman - a fast medium pace bowler and a top order batsmen. The rest of their team pretty much played around him to secure an easy victory, reaching the target 205/5 in 32 overs.

In my opinion, Mad Dogs CC were less aggressive in field placements and bowling changes that costed them the game.


stanikela said...

good luck for day 2 cricket and all the touristy plans! (evesdropping here from your parents visit blog)

Anonymous said...

some hitech gadgeting being experienced at work by a 'senior citizen' and'gadget-phobic' (per the son's categorization):

walk back to my desk after a half an hour of extreme white-boarding/thinking out a logic and trying to make note/sense of the lines and symbols before my memory gets wiped out - the boss takes a picture of the white-board on the cellphone and emails !!!
didn't have to swest it out