Thursday, February 21, 2008

Shopping and clubbing

After the game on Tuesday (19-FEB-2008), we got back to the hotel, got fresh and went out to down some drinks and grab a bite. We had a good dinner at this place called El Trepiche - good food and great ambiance. It looked as if most of the boys did not want to behave in this wild city of Buenos Aires. After the meal we stepped out to check out a couple of (night) clubs. The rest of the story is to be censored.

Yesterday (20-FEB-2008) was a rest day and we woke up late (usual after effects of late night partying.) We grabbed a decent lunch at a local joint and discussed how we lost the game the previous day. After the meal we went around downtown Buenos Aires for shopping (and to burn some calories from the heavy meal.) We got back to the hotel to catch a quick nap only to get ready for partying in the evening, again. This time it was not a night club, but a regular restaurant/dance club called - The Museum.

The Museum is a huge place - 4 flights high and has seating for regular dining on the 1st floor until 10:00PM at which point they clean up the floor for dancing. I have yet to visit a club - anywhere in the world - where there are 2000+ people dancing on a Wednesday night, till 4:00AM in the morning. Aptly named "The Museum".


Yamini said...

LOL! "censored" huh? I am glad you are having fun! Where are the pictures??
All the best for your next game :) Learn from mistakes, move on -- win the next game!!

Anonymous said...

found something that has been easier and briefer to relate to:

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It is the ability to feel good about doing whatever you are told, ordered, forced, convinced, or expected to do. It is the ability to keep doing it regardless of the level of stress or pressure you are put in. It is the ability to find ways to cope with your stress and thus keep doing it, regardless of your actual true desire to do it.

In other words, it is the ability to keep doing it despite all your negative feelings, even feelings which may be coming from your conscience. It is, therefore, the ability to go against your feelings and to not feel your emotional pain or discomfort. It is the ability to not listen to your conscience or your own inner voice, but to listen instead to external voices which tell you to study, achieve, perform, run, jump, buy, sell, shoot, kill."

PS: A book (be it electronic or real) need necessarily not be a starting point for learning something new - the starting point can be accepting an advise or an inspiration.. decided to try it with an open mind this 'samvatsaram'