Tuesday, February 12, 2008

An offer up for grabs

One fine morning, I received an e-mail from Neil, VP of Marketing at Cadbury-Schweppes here in Stamford, CT. We had played some cricket last fall and he stored my contact information in his good books.

The offer was to go to Argentina with their team for a week to play 4 games and relax 3 days on the warm beaches of Buenos Aires. I had some vacation time left to burn (use it or lose it - kinds) and I jumped to grab the offer.

I took care of all the prep work that goes into being a cricket player in another country plus the tourist, on the off days.

The trip is scheduled to start on 17-FEB-2008 and come back home on 25-FEB-2008. I am really excited to be part of this voyage on my first trip to a Latin American country.


Yamini said...

Enjoy the beaches!!

Anonymous said...

hey read new year resolution somewhere - to be
"Positively Aggressive at being Aggressively Positive" - sounds interesting