Saturday, February 23, 2008

Washed out game at Hurlingham Club

Today's game got washed out due to an early morning thunderstorm in Hurlingham. We were all excited to play a good game of cricket and look forward to winning another game, but weather in Buenos Aires had other plans for us.

We relaxed a bit at the hotel until it stopped pouring and went out for more sight-seeing. We went to this place near Rio del Plata - the river - called Puerto Cristal. Awesome food, great service and great desserts.

We visited a decommisioned ship "Sarmiento", built in 1896 that toured about 45+ times between Spain and South America. Most of the ship is still intact and kept in a good condition.

We had couple of drinks at to cool off at Spell Cafe and head towards the restaurant called "Follow the Cow" - one of the best carne in Argentina. Most of the boys were tired to party tonight as they were worn out from extensive partying and gaming and preferred to hit the bed early.


Anonymous said...

'Platonic' lead me here -
'buddyhood' sounds cool ! (for seventeen years olds and above!!)

Anonymous said...

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