Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tourist in Buenos Aires

I reached Buenos Aires at 11:30AM local time. Most of my team had already left for sight seeing (a small island near Uruguay) early in the morning. I was all alone and I had the chance to explore the city all by myself.

I set out to check out the downtown Buenos Aires. I put on my tourist hat and strolled around the city for 6 hours - conversing with strangers in my broken spanish requesting them for directions and/or to click a picture for me.

Towards the evening I was so exhausted that I was itching to taste the local "cerveza" - Quilmes. Later I grabbed some food, I got back to the hotel by around 11:30pm and hit the bed for my 1st cricket game in Argentina.


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try these - u can even look for them at the brick&mortar macys next door


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